Transylvanian Stockpot

For dinner, I made the Transylvanian Stockpot from The Primal Blueprint Cookbook. The recipe is on page 44.

I made a few changes to the recipe. First, I used uncooked polish kielbasa and just fried them up in lard (and left the lard in the pot). Second, I love cabbage so I put more in than the recipe called for. Finally, because of all the cabbage, I used a little more liquid. I added an extra cup of chicken broth, and about 2 cups of water. I wanted the make sure that the liquid completely covered all the meat and vegetables.

Like most traditional stews/soups, this one has everything that makes these recipes so good, and it’s dead simple to make. Lots of fat and protein, and just the right amount of vegetables to round out the flavors. I will definitely be making this again.