The New York Times and the Afghan documents

I guess they think they should decide what we need to know.

The overriding significance of the tens of thousands of documents posted by WikiLeaks is their detailed exposure of the atrocities carried out by the US occupation against the people of Afghanistan. The cumulative impact of one report after another is a portrait of a ferocious war against the civilian population, the aim of which is neither combating terrorism nor promoting democracy, but annihilating an entirely legitimate popular resistance to foreign occupation.

Liberal television host Rachel Maddow solidarizes herself with US military in Afghanistan

“Liberals” aren’t so liberal.

Maddow is part of the upper-middle-class liberal left. She is a product of a period in which questions of personal identity, at the expense of social class, emerged as the major component of the American liberal outlook and the orientation of the Democratic Party. The striving for privileges by sections of the African-American and Latino petty-bourgeoisie, the elevation of gender and sexuality to world-historical political importance—these are what formed Maddow. As a result, she is quite indifferent to the conditions of the working population.

US commander recalled from Afghanistan after mocking Obama

This is how coups start.

The remarks of McChrystal and his aides are indicative of the open contempt with which large sections of the US military command regard the civilian government and the bedrock constitutional principle of civilian control over the military.