In case you’ve happened to stumble on this blog, you may be wondering what you’ll find here. You will probably find quite a bit about programming. I’ve been building web applications in ColdFusion for about 8 years, so I will post about this a lot. I’m also very interested in Ruby on Rails. On the personal side, I enjoy wine and go to tastings almost every weekend. I’m also into fitness and primal living, so I will be talking about these thing as well.

  • Marie Loe (Carm San Antonio)

    Hi.  Looking thru web for info on wines because I am thinking of having a wine tasting fundraiser at my house and I came across your blog.  I recognized your name and thought you looked familiar.  Do you remember me from high school?

  • Anonymous

    Of course I remember you. How are things? Did you get any good info from my blog?

  • Marie Loe (Carm San Antonio)

    Sorry.  I’m not much of a wine connoisseur but I know what I like.  I’m thinking of going with a friend’s line of wines and just have him bring them to the tasting, then he can just handle all that goes with the bios of his wines.  I love the more fruitier wines.  If I remember correctly, you have a birthday coming up.  Well, when you get a chance, I’d love to catch up.  Don’t know how I can give you my cell/email without having everyone else see it.