Blind Tasting

Blind Tasting
Farpointe Cellar
Tasted Saturday, July 10, 2010


2001 Maria Grazia Guerrieri Terra di Ripanera Vino da Tavola – Italy, Tuscany, Vino da Tavola The nose had spice and tobacco, dried herbs, and some cherry. The palate had tobacco and herbs, cherry, and a spicy finish. (88 Points)

2005 Domaine Alfred Grenache Chamisal Vineyards – USA, California, Central Coast, Edna Valley The nose had strawberry and pepper, and some floral notes. It also had some thyme and rosemary at the end. The palate a load of cooking spice, some floral notes, and a blueberry and pepper finish. (88 Points)

2006 Jordan Vineyard & Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley – USA, California, Sonoma County, Alexander Valley The nose had jammy blueberry, sweet cherry, toast, and a big shot of vanilla at the end. The palate had blueberry and toast, a bit of tobacco, and a nice cherry vanilla finish. (88 Points)

2006 Kestrel Merlot – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Yakima Valley The nose had black currant and raspberry, earth and spice, and a little vanilla. The palate had black currant and tobacco, cherry and spice, and some oak on the finish. (87 Points)

2006 Perata Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Franks’s Blend – USA, California, Napa Valley, Yountville The nose had blackberry and blueberry, and just a touch of raspberry. The palate had cedar and blackberry, and little cherry and blueberry, and some vanilla on the finish. (86 Points)


2006 Altamura Cabernet Sauvignon – USA, California, Napa Valley The nose had black currant and coffee bean, chocolate and earth, and some strawberry at the end. The palate had lots of sweet, dark fruit, some mocha, and a a nice earthy finish. (92 Points)

2008 Brewer-Clifton Pinot Noir Mount Carmel – USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Rita Hills – Sta. Rita Hills The nose had cherry and bright berry aromas, forest floor and spice, and a little cola at the end. The palate had cherry and earth, berry and spice, and a vanilla finish. (91 Points)

Obama’s “jobs program”: Poverty wages and mass unemployment

If this is “the right direction,” I’d hate to see the wrong one.

The administration is impervious to the needs and wishes of millions of workers who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and their families fed. But Obama jumps to attention when Wall Street speaks.

US anti-immigrant campaign spreads beyond Arizona

The rich and powerful just love to put up scapegoats to turn us against each other.

An extensive 1997 report by the National Research Council (NRC) of the National Academy of Sciences concluded that over their lifetimes, immigrants contribute more to public revenue, with an average of $80,000 in taxes, than all combined benefits received. Additionally, immigrants are far less likely than citizens to use their eligible benefits, such as medical services and food stamps.

Heat wave exposes decrepit infrastructure in US, Canada

I’m sure glad our socialist fire departments aren’t run as for profit organizations.

A major heat wave in the eastern US and parts of Canada has further exposed the decrepit state of infrastructure in North America and the perilous conditions created by private ownership of utilities.

Independence Day Wines

Independence Day Wines
Farpointe Cellar
Tasted Saturday, July 03, 2010


2008 Ferraton Père & Fils Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu – France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu The nose on this was outstanding. It had lots of fresh ground black pepper and tobacco, black currant and licorice, and a little cherry towards the end. The palate was soft and juicy, with black currant and pepper, tobacco and cherry, and a nice spicy finish. (91 Points)

2008 Château Graville-Lacoste Blanc – France, Bordeaux, Graves The nose had peaches and stone, some citrus, and a little hay. The palate was crisp and clean, with lots of citrus and minerals, and a slightly grassy finish. (90 Points)

2006 Two Angels Petite Sirah – USA, California, North Coast, High Valley The nose had pomegranate and raspberry, wild boar meat and flowers, and some orange peel at the end. The palate had roasted meat and raspberry, spice and floral notes, and a good pomegranate finish. (90 Points)

2004 Domaine Giraud Châteauneuf-du-Pape Tradition – France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-Pape The nose had berry liqueur and tobacco, spice and toasted rosemary. The palate had spice and tobacco, cherry and raspberry, and a nice tobacco finish.

2006 Château Malmaison Baronne Nadine de Rothschild – France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Moulis en Médoc The nose had dark chocolate and cherry, a little spice and earth, and some vanilla at the end. The palate was a bit tannic, but it did have cherry and cocoa, some earth, and a spicy finish. (87 Points)


2006 Turley Zinfandel Rattlesnake Ridge – USA, California, Napa Valley, Howell Mountain The nose had cherry and rose petals, some mocha, and a little perfume. The palate was a bit tannic, but did have rose petals and perfume, cherry and spice, and a grapefruit finish. (90 Points)

2006 Château Branaire (Duluc-Ducru) – France, Bordeaux, Médoc, St. Julien The nose had mint and chocolate, raspberry and spice, and a little earth at the end. The palate was soft, with chocolate and herbs, raspberry and earth, and a pepper finish. (89 Points)

Supreme Court nominee Kagan placates Republican right at confirmation hearing

It amazes me that liberals will always say we need to vote for the lesser of two evils in Presidential elections because they might get to choose a Supreme Court Justice. But look at the people they pick.

In choosing Kagan to replace Stevens, for years the most liberal member on the court, especially in regard to civil liberties and democratic rights, Obama selected the most conservative of the nominal liberals considered to be likely candidates for the high court position. Even if Kagan votes more often than not with the liberal bloc on the court, her presence will likely shift the general political orientation of the court further to the right.

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